Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The 1975 - Sex

Dirty Hit Records certainly have an ear for good talent - With the likes of Little Comets and Benjain Francis Leftwich already on their roster they seem to be soaking up all the good music Manchester and the near vicinity can produce. The Sex EP The 1975 released last month has been slowly trickling out all over the net and it won't be long before these guys get regular national airplay. This is the title track from the new 4 Track EP, which is available to pre-order on iTunes now. It's only £2.49 - Go on!

The 1975 - Sex by the1975

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Fashion Monster

It's no lie that I am a big fan of Japanese music, be it J-Pop or J-Rock - I didn't think I liked J-Pop 'til I found myself endlessly miming along to Kyary's PONPONPON last year. Anyway, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's new single Fashion Monster has been making the rounds amongst Japanese media outlets and had me hooked in it's own cute and indecipherable way. However, I'm sure it'll be a long time (never) before we see it hit European and Western shores.

Apologies for the Lightning Storm sounds and overall quality of the rip - it's straight from the video I believe - Also, expect more Japanese music posts every now and then.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Fashion Monster by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu BR

Ben Howard - The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework)

Now It's not like the original song needed a rework, but Moonlight Matters has done such a good job to give this song more umph not only make it longer! The producer from Belgium has already hit the rounds with remixes of Lana Del Rey and Digitalism but I'm sure this rework will come as one of his greater achievements...good work!

Ben Howard - The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework) by Moonlight Matters

Friday, 26 October 2012

PAPA - Put Me To Work

1,2...1,2,3,4! Ex-Girls Darren Weiss with Daniel Presant are LA duo PAPA and their new song Put Me To Work has come out of nowhere for me. I've not heard anything from this pairing before but this song, but from the haunting vocals to the hard hitting guitar-drums-piano mash up this has probably pissed off all of my fellow work colleagues with my foot tapping all morning.

Put Me To Work is the duo's first single from their debut album due out sometime in 2013...so keep an ear to the ground.

Put Me To Work by PAPAtheband

Thursday, 25 October 2012

California Wives - Blood Red Youth

This is a simple but brilliant song by California Wives! The Silversun-esque vocals do nothing to take away the energy from this track. No surprise that these guys are on Vagrant Records which deal with the American releases for Dirty Hit Records (The 1975, Little Comets, Benjamin Francis Leftwich).

California Wives have just released their Art History album, which I believe is out now on iTunes!

California Wives - Blood Red Youth (Edit) by Vagrant Records

The Dirty Nil - Fuckin' Up Young

This one popped up at me a few weeks ago. Not really a big punk band fan but this one, when that chorus hits I can't help but scream along. This track is an older one but The Dirty Nil, from Hamilton, Canada have a new digital album Little Metal Baby Fist out now available for download on their bandcamp so if you like em, invest!

Fuckin' Up Young by thedirtynil

Last Dinosaurs - Zoom

Absolutely loving these guys at the moment! A lot of my most listened to tracks at the moment seem to all be straight out of Australia with Strange Talk, The Naked and Famous and now Last Dinosaurs. The Brisbane indie trio have recently released their new album In A Million Years here in the UK and I'm sure it won't be long before they start touring by themselves (I hope).

This is their latest single, and my favourite, Zoom - Video is after the break.

Zoom by LastDinosaurs

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

ON AN ON - Ghosts

This song has really grown on me this past week. The newly(ish) formed trio ON AN ON, formally Scattered Trees, new song Ghosts is a Feeder meets Snow Patrol style guitar with some sweet american folk/chill chucked in on top. The band have just recorded their debut album Give In, which is due out around 29th January next year on Roll Call Records.

That's pretty much all the info I have, enjoy the song.

ON AN ON - Ghosts by rollcallrecords

Little Comets - Jennifer

First post! And what a way to start it all off with the brilliant 'Jennifer' from the Little Comets. This song from the Geordie trio has been floating around for quite a while on the net in both this and an equally amazing acoustic form - but the album from which this is from, 'Life is Elsewhere', only came out last Monday on the 15th October and is currently keeping me company at work. This track is one of the stand-outs on the album for me...enjoy.

Little Comets - Jennifer by littlecomets